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Series » B » Baywatch » Season 6 » Episode 1

Baywatch Season 6 Episode 1 - Trapped Beneath the Sea (1)

Release year
Action, Drama
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Neely Capshaw, the unwholesome, psycho lifeguard who tried to frame Matt for sexual harassment, arrives back at Baywatch for a job as the switchboard operator and is greeted with a hostile reception from everyone, especially C.J. who personally holds Neely responsible for Matt's departure from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Stephanie recruits Olympic hopeful swimmer Cody Madison as a new lifeguard, and decides to dedicate herself to be his personal training coach for the next Olympics. Also, Logan is trying to go into the fashion business with a new swim wear design with his Australian partner, Gator, while romancing his investor's daughter, Beth, and taking credit for everything. Mitch considers working as a private investigator in a detective agency at night. But everyone's paths collide when an abandoned offshore oil rig collapses after hitting an old submerged mine, trapping Cody, Neely and four other people under water.