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Series » B » Baywatch » Season 6 » Episode 5

Baywatch Season 6 Episode 5 - To Everything There Is a Season

Release year
Action, Drama
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Mitch's mother, Irene, arrives in town for a visit and after a series of unusual circumstances, Mitch forces her to see a doctor where she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. But things take another turn when Mitch's mother wonders off during one of her Alzheimer's phases and is soon missing. Meanwhile, Cody agrees to swim to Catalina with Stephanie as part of his Olympic training, which takes a detour when two boatloads of drunken college students have an accident and Cody and Stephanie are the only ones nearby to rescue all of them. Also, Logan continues to be insanely jealous with Cody hanging around Caroline, while the manipulative and sociopath Neely sees an opportunity to use their feud to her own advantage by continuing to taunt Logan with some damaging information she has about him.