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Series » B » Baywatch » Season 7 » Episode 5

Baywatch Season 7 Episode 5 - Scorcher

Release year
Action, Drama
External Links
When a heat wave hits Baywatch, a long chaotic day begins when a Secret Service agent, named Duddly Dawson, arrives to take charge of the beach after President Clinton wants to jog there while he's in town, and Agent Dawson's antics nearly drive Mitch and Samantha up the wall. Meanwhile, Cody suffers through relentless rescues with Newman as well as a visit by an IRS agent auditing him, and C.J. has to go to a dentist for a root-canal filling. Hobie helps Neely out with various mishaps which include an obnoxious lost child, as well as Manny dealing with two lost kids of his own, and Jordan is stuck with another lost girl who grows attached to her. Also, Caroline meets a homeless man in a garbage can and she later stops him from killing himself and he's apparently the only one who seems to care that today is her birthday.