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Series » B » Baywatch » Season 9 » Episode 1

Baywatch Season 9 Episode 1 - Crash (1)

Release year
Action, Drama
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During the first week of autumn at Baywatch with Hobie gone away to college and heavy rainfall in the area, Mitch discovers that his shipboard marriage to Neely is invalid, which worsens things then Neely's ex-husband suddenly shows up with no knowledge of Neely's baby or anything else making Mitch realize that Neely lied to him all this time and she has fully reverted back to her conniving and devious true self. Meanwhile, Cody decides to travel to New York City to visit the departed Lani, now a Broadway dancer, and April is on the same flight to visit a clothing designer for her fashions. All of that shatters when the place crashes shortly after takeoff off the coast of Santa Monica due to engine failure, killing the pilots and some of the passengers, leaving Cody and some survivors floating in life rafts on the surface and April trapped with three survivors of the forward section under water.